CMA Workshops

Part of our mission at Colorado Mosaic Artists is the artistic and technical education of our membersand the general public. In addition to one or two day workshops taught by our own members, we also contract with internationally recognized mosaic artists to teach a two-day workshop in Denver metro area.


Online Workshop

with Kathy Thaden

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What is “andamento” in mosaic art?

Get ready to join Colorado Mosaic Artists on April 11 as we take a look at what it is and why it is important. Kathy will show a variety of examples explaining what works and what doesn't during this free presentation (open to members of Colorado Mosaic Artists via Zoom). You do not need to be a Colorado resident to join.


Colorado Mosaic Artists Present




Saturday May 30, 2020:  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 31, 2020:  9:00 a.m. – 4:00  p.m.


CITC, 646 Mariposa St., Denver, CO 80202

Classroom and Hands-On

All levels of mosaic experience are welcome


$425 plus $55 Materials fee

For complete details and to register, contact:

Peggy at


At the beginning of class, Yulia will give a presentation on flower mosaics. She will also do a thorough demo on how to set up a double-reverse project, select a color palette, and draw out andamento. Students will learn how to cut glass into ”brush-stroke” modules that Yulia uses to create her own flower portraits. Yulia will discuss proper use of tools, glass cutting techniques, and how to solve problems. Grouting will not be done during this workshop, however a grouting demo on how to grout and blend multiple colors will be given at the end. Images will be provided by the instructor or students can choose their own upon the instructor’s approval. Most of the supplies will be provided, all students must bring their own glass nipping and cutting tools.

Students will learn how to translate images of flowers into realistic and powerful mosaic statements. In our image choices we will consider composition, gesture, colors, and other aspects of effective portrayal of a flower.  We will concentrate on creating a close-up of a flower, a version of a “portrait” using a double reverse mosaic method. The double reverse technique allows for a photo-realistic depiction of an object, precise color matching and exact shape fitting because the entire layout happens right over an actual image photo. After the layout is finished the work will be safely transferred to a 10″ x 12″ permanent substrate.


  • A 50% deposit ($212) is required to hold your space.

  • Registration is confirmed based on the date your deposit is received by CMA (Colorado Mosaic Artists).

  • The $268 balance of the tuition and materials fee ($213 plus $55) is due by April 15th, 2020.


A full refund of funds paid, minus a $50.00 processing fee, will be issued up to 45 days prior to class.  No refunds are allowed within 45 days of the workshop unless the space is filled by another student. If the space is filled by another student, a full refund of the tuition and materials fee, minus a $50.00 processing fee, will be issued.

A minimum of 8 students is required for the workshop to proceed. The workshop will be cancelled if the minimum number is not met. Maximum registration is 12.

A full refund will be issued if the workshop is cancelled for any reason.


Yulia Hanansen is a second generation artist. Having mastered many techniques including mosaics, printmaking, drawing, painting, textiles, and more,  Yulia has been professionally involved in mosaic making since 2001.  Her Mosaic Sphere Studio was the first mosaic studio in the state of Michigan to show and represent mosaic artwork. Her studio is currently located in the charming city of Baltimore Maryland where Yulia works and lives.

Yulia is a recipient of numerous awards for her mosaic and print making artwork, including “Best in Show” at Mosaic Arts International. Her works have been exhibited in galleries nationwide and internationally: New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Tacoma, San Francisco, San Diego, Mesa, Miami, Dallas, Ann Arbor, Grado, Italy, and other locations. Her works has been collected by patrons in the USA, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Israel, Australia, Italy, South Korea and the South Pole.

Yulia teaches mosaic art at mosaic schools and art establishments throughout the U.S.  In addition to mosaic making, Yulia is an adjunct printmaking professor at Towson University, Towson, MD.

Visit Yulia's website and gallery for additional details:



Colorado Mosaic Artists presents a

DEB ALDO Workshop:




Saturday July 20, 9:00am – 4:30pm
Sunday, July 21, 9:00am – 4:30pm


CITC, 646 Mariposa St., Denver, CO 80202

All levels of mosaic experience are welcome


$345 plus $35 Materials fee

For complete details and to register, contact:

Peggy at


The goal of this intermediate session is to help students observe sources of inspiration allowing for the creation of their own signature textural and temporal andamento studies. Students who have some basic mosaic-cutting and fitting experience will boost their know-how by learning to analyze why they are drawn to a particular work of art by examining and “unpacking” the compositions and andamento of a variety of mosaic works. This intense observation will allow them to assess how the andamento is used to create a mood or effect, as well as some basics on composition. Students should bring one printed or emailed example of a work they want to deconstruct as well as images that are inspiring that could serve as a possible mosaic. This class will allow them to see in a new way, and to create texture that will enhance the character of their mosaics by utilizing several methods for creating tactile textures based on both a presentation and hands-on work.

Each student will execute a set of two samples based on four possible options— Shell Out, Rising Up, Pebble Waves, Detritus Assemblage. These dynamic and dimensional samples can be used as a visual reference for future works. The materials provided will be affixed to a cement board substrate with thinset. There will be explanations and instruction provided to the group at large, after which each student will receive individual attention. The last part of the class will be devoted to a group discussion and critique, if requested.


Debora Aldo has been creating art for decades and has been working in mosaic since 1997. She was selected as a CT state certified teaching artist in 2009. Debora has a BA in Art/Illustration and graduated with high honors with a BS in Landscape Architecture/Horticulture.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She recently was featured in one of the largest galleries in South Eastern CT, and the Slater Museum, Museum of Glass, and many galleries from Los Angelos to Boston and has been in the architectural section of the IMA, at SAMA. Her work is in private collections all across North America, Australia, Europe and Mexico.

As the principal designer for Pietre Dure Design, she works with Landscape Architects, Architects, homeowners, and collectors creating sculptural installations and fine art for private, corporate, hospitality and health care facilities, and schools across the USA. She has been a student of Maggy Howarth and Verdiano Marzi, KokoMosaico, and Sophie Drouin.