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Mosaic Classes

Nataly Parson

Nataly Parson, an award-winning mosaic artist with over 10 years of experience.


Join Nataly on a creative journey through her in-person mosaic classes designed specifically for beginners in Castle Rock and Colorado Springs.


Discover the allure of Nataly’s popular one-day class, "Mosaic & Wine," a growing favorite among those craving a friendly and relaxed learning atmosphere. This unique class strikes a perfect balance between hands-on experiences and insightful presentations. Nataly not only walks you through the practical aspects of mosaic creation but also shares captivating insights into mosaic facts, history, and her personal tips and tricks garnered throughout her artistic journey.

In just one day, unlock the secrets of mosaic design, master the use of nippers, explore the art of breaking tiles, grasp the concept of andamento, conquer the grouting process, and finish by learning the essential steps to clean your mosaic masterpiece.


To ensure an optimal learning experience, Nataly intentionally keeps class sizes small, ensuring each participant receives the individual attention needed to refine their mosaic skills and bring their creative vision to life.


For more details on upcoming classes, to read students’ feedback, or to join the distribution list for class notifications, visit Nataly’s website:

Delcia Litt

You will be introduced to the world of modern mosaics based on classical techniques. I have worked in stained glass and mosaic for 20 plus years. Come learn how to use the tools of the trade and create your own mosaic.

I began my craft in traditional stained glass window panels: John La Farge, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Frank Lloyd Wright style. I love the Arts & Crafts movement and Prairie styles still popular today and specialize in teaching contemporary mosaics in my home studio in Erie, Colorado.


Kathy Thaden

Kathy Thaden’s award winning mosaics have been exhibited across North America. Inspired by the Rockies and “our fragile earth,” she links her art to her faith – with awe for Creation. Kathy’s mosaics range from abstracts to liturgical wall hangings and commissioned works.

Kathy teaches mosaic workshops and leads mosaic retreats across Colorado and the Southwest. For more information about the classes please visit Kathy’s website:

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Betsy Hicks

Betsy Hicks, sculptor and mosaic artist, says  “I enjoy the process of creating artwork that is surprising and causes the viewer to slow down and look at the piece more closely.   Our world has gotten so fast-paced and disposable.  Mosaics allow us to find ways to use these “thrown away” items in fun, fresh ways.  Once you take this class, you will never look at junk the same way! 

I offer mosaic classes on the beautiful East Side Art Institute campus.  For each session, you bring whatever you would like to mosaic; this can be a second-hand mirror, a picture frame, a stepping stone or a table top.  All other material will be provided, including lots of stained glass, tiles, glass bubbles, and more.  If you have something special you would like to add to your mosaic, please bring it!  Old jewelry, charms and broken pottery … all can work.”

For more information please visit  East Side Art Institute website:

Or contact Betsy at (303) 817-8173 or

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