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Our Purpose & Mission

CMA Mission

Colorado Mosaic Artists
  • Support and advocate for the mosaic art form in Colorado.

  • Encourage mosaic artists to grow through meetings and events.

  • Give visibility to the mosaic art form by providing exhibit opportunities.

  • Contribute to the community through mosaic art for recognized charitable organizations.

Colorado Mosaic Artists promotes mosaics as a fine art and the artistic and technical education of its members and the general public. CMA welcomes and supports all members including professional mosaic artists, dedicated amateurs and mosaic suppliers. Colorado Mosaic Artists is organized exclusively for educational and artistic purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Colorado Mosaic Artists

Thinking about joining or renewing?  Here are some good reasons:

1. Free tesserae swaps at in-person meetings

2. New tricks and tips that could spark your creative work

3. "Show 'n Tell" your new work to fellow artists

4. Learn new techniques and approaches

5. Display your art in the CMA Gallery web page

6. Exhibit your mosaic creations in our regional group shows

7. Hear from other artists globally via online meetings

8. Share your creative gift through pro-bono projects for worthy organizations

9. Participate in our optional Visiting Artist hands-on workshops

10. Share your passion about mosaic art with likeminded creative people!

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