CMA Board Members

Becki Whittington - Co President


Becki Whittington is a mosaic/mixed media artist with a background in instructional design and school counseling. After being introduced to mosaics as a 7th grader at Long Lots Jr. High School,  Westport, CT, she has forayed into the medium with more vigor starting in 2012. She continues her life-long learning by participating in workshops and classes taught by recognized mosaic artists. Her work has been in juried shows in Colorado as well as in Northern and Southern California. She was an Artist-in-Residence at The Maime Dowd Eishenhose Library in 2016.

Whittington puts the essence of herself into each piece that is one-of-a-kind, whimsical, thoughtful and is  inspired by the stories to be told. She uses unique combinations of shape, texture and color along with a wide variety of materials to create these works of art. 

The art is created with tile, china, beads, jewelry, scrapbook paper, photographs, stained glass, wire,  tempered glass, polymer clay, acrylic paint, and alcohol ink. The interpretation of artwork is always in the eye of the beholder yet many of her pieces invoke reaction by being interactive with a game and/or a phrase.

Her work is on permanent display at The Maime Dowd Eisenhower Library, Broomfield, Colorado and The Children’s Hospital, Aurora, Colorado. Private collections include addresses from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Barbados. Becki participates in shows as part of the Colorado Mosaic Artists and  Lakewood Arts Co-op. She was honored to have one of her pieces displayed in Colorado Senator Cory Gardner’s D.C. Senate office.

Her roots started in the Midwest, were nurtured on the East Coast, and are firmly held in Broomfield, Colorado she where has raised her children. Her studio is also located in Broomfield.

Whittington was the Vice-President of CMA from 2017 to 2018 and returns as Co-President starting in 2020. She is a firm believer in volunteer work which includes having taught Junior Achievement business curricula to over 700 school children.


Delcia Litt - Co President

Delcia Litt is a glass, tile, and stone mosaic artist with a background in traditional stained glass. She is the principle designer for Mountain Top Stained Glass. Her precision flowing designs are her signature one of a kind style.

She has honed her craft in this field since 1985 while holding down a professional career but is now retired. She has studied under many significant mentors over the years. 

She loves to teach her craft and develop new artists and hobbyists. She continues to learn new things being part of the CMA tribe stating because we are all unique. She joined CMA in 2012 and is serving her 2nd term as a board member. Visit her website here: Mountain Top Stained Glass

Bob Taylor - PR/Media Director

For over 10 years, Bob has been a co-member of CMA.  He has called himself an “art facilitator,” using his sharp eye, steady hand and media skills to develop and refine concepts often originated by the true member, his wife Marlea.

Bob’s mother was also an artist, so he learned early how to mat, frame and finish artworks.  But her intellect and skill also spoiled him.  Finding a life-mate with similar artistic intelligence was difficult, but when Marlea appeared in a music store, his fascination was immediate.  Now they’ve been married for over 50 years.

A musical urge and radio/TV degrees opened doors to jobs in broadcasting, starting with the ABC station in Toledo, Ohio, shooting news footage, running camera for sporting events & TV shows, and switching and directing on-air.  Bob was even “Mr. Music” for “Romper Room.”  Jobs with radio stations in Cincinnati and NBC and PBS stations in Lansing helped pay the bills, but those jobs were primarily sales functions, and being a salesman was not why Bob had been drawn to broadcasting.  Walking past rooms where shows were being created was beyond frustrating.

When Marlea earned her MFA, they moved to Denver and soon Bob was working with a media training company.  In 1981, he started MultiVision of Denver which, in 1990, became MediaPro, still in operation after Bob’s retirement.  Those companies produced training, public relations and broadcast programs for virtually every major corporation and government entity in the Rocky Mountain region.

All this helps explain Bob’s involvement over the years with CMA, documenting their activities and projects, creating videos that support them and promoting mosaics as a fine art.

Cindy Miller - Treasurer

Cindy was born in Boulder and has lived in the area all her life.  Growing up her hands were always doing something, craft wise, sewing etc.

Later in life after retiring Cindy found mosaics through a friend, and it became her life therapy.  She will try or use any kind of material to glue to or to glue on.

Cindy has three  grown children and seven grand kids all in the area.  Some of the best times for her is when they are all around a table working on some mosaic project and sharing the joy of being together and creating art.

Claudia Heaphy - Secretary

Claudia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to New Jersey when she was five years old.  She always loved to draw and spent most of her childhood drawing cartoons and making up stories. When Claudia was 17, her family moved back to Argentina. There, she studied Fine Arts at an Institute in Cordoba, Argentina where she graduated in 1982. 

Finally, Claudia set roots in Connecticut in 1983, got married in 1985 and later had 2 beautiful children.  She didn’t make a living from art, instead she kept it as a hobby for many years. When Claudia’s children were young, they would make fun art projects together.  As the kids grew up, they moved out to the beautiful Colorado. And when the kids moved out, Claudia had more time for exploring art.  

In 2008, she just happened upon a mosaic class in Loveland and that’s when she fell in love with mosaics!  Since then Claudia has had the opportunity to teach basic mosaic projects in a stained glass shop in her hometown of Berthoud, and also co-teach mosaic art at Turner Middle School where she used to work. Recently, she has had the pleasure of introducing mosaics to a group of friends and now they get together once a month to work on their projects and catch up.  

These experiences throughout the years have only strengthen Claudia’s love for this wonderful art and  being a member of CMA only enriches her experience. “I’ve enjoyed learning something new with each piece I’ve made. Mainly I’ve enjoyed making landscapes because there’s so much color-play with each season. I would also like to learn more about portraiture art and practice more with the hammer and hardie.  I feel very grateful to have found mosaics and to be a part of CMA”, said Claudia.