Pro Bono Projects

Community Contributions

CMA appreciates the value of art and how a piece can entertain and bring joy to the viewer. CMA gives back to the community by creating mosaic art for charitable organizations.  Past pro bono projects have included a compilation of dog and cat mosaics for a silent auction to benefit an animal shelter; an interactive mosaic game for patients and family in the MRI waiting room in a children's hospital, and a large floor mosaic for a community center in Africa. We strive to inspire the viewers while providing an introduction as well as the continuing knowledge of  mosaic as a fine art.


Collaborative Mural Project (2014)

CMA members completed "Bubble Hunt," a collaborative mural for the Children's Hospital in Aurora Colorado. It was approximately 24 1/2 square feet and the mosaic included of over 150 "bubbles", each a small work of art. Children's Hospital has also hosted several exhibitions in their Hamilton Gallery featuring CMA artists.

Seth Social Center Mosaic (2013)

In 2013 members of Colorado Mosaic Artists, their friends and family members, worked together to create a 64 square foot floor mosaic that was transported and installed by 2 CMA Members and children from the

Touch a Life Foundation center in Ghana, West Africa.

CMA Helped Project Angel Heart (2012)

15 members of Colorado Mosaic Artists join forces to create a permanent mosaic quilt for Denver's Angel Heart. Angel Heart is a non-profit organization which provides nutritious meals to improve quality of life, at no cost, for those coping with life-threatening illness.

"Project Angel Heart was thrilled to have the support of the Colorado Mosaic Artists and was extremely pleased to have their artwork in the heart of our their new headquarters - an area they call Main Street. It connects the kitchen, which produces the meals they deliver to clients, with our distribution area, which oversees the effective packaging and routing of those meals. It is displayed prominently in an area that will be enjoyed by every visitor to our building, as well as volunteers and staff...a proud representation of their mission to serve nutritious meals, at no cost, to people living with life threatening illnesses."