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Sue Rose


Sue attended the University of Illinois for fine art and The Chicago Academy of Fine Art (Walt Disney) for commercial art. As a teenager, Sue had sold commissioned portraits and pastel paintings of wildlife at art fairs, but it wasn’t until 2020 that she made the leap to make art her fulltime work.


Mosaic caught Sue’s fancy at the onset of 2020, when dreams of birds made of bits and pieces flew into her nighttime dreams.


“When I became unemployed due to the Covid pandemic, I decided it was time. I was living alone in a new place, isolated, and decided to take the opportunity to learn the art of mosaic.  I also began a daily practice of meditation, which I credit with the inspiration to switch from pastel painting to mosaic. My dreams were vivid and undeniable - I had to make art out of bits and pieces.”


During the Covid lockdown, Sue taught herself with the help of YouTube videos, first trying classical techniques and then experimenting with her own. Her methods break the rules of classic mosaic technique while celebrating the absolute perfection we can find in our “imperfect” world.


“My ultimate objective is to convey the overwhelming beauty, grace, and elegance found in the natural world. Hopefully, more people will become committed to the preservation of Pachamama before we lose what we love.”


Sue accepts commissions. Visit her website, or email her at

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