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Pam Farris

Empress Irene Final Mosaic.jpg

After 20 years of teaching art, Pam found a love for mosaics and became a public artist (instead of art just for her classroom.) The goal of her mosaics are to take a traditional craft and elevate it to an art form. Pams  historical mosaics are made with the same supplies and techniques of the Roman and Byzantine time periods. The contemporary and political mosaics she makes are meant to make you think about the meaning and subject and how it relates to the world today.

When she decided to become a public artist, she joined a co-op , Next Gallery  in Lakewood. She has a solo-exhibition there annually and says it pushes her to create a unified body of work that show off the art of mosaic. 

She chooses to work with small  tile instead of stained glass because she loves the beauty of irregular shapes that can fit together to make the image. She also finds the process meditative.


Contact Pam Farris HERE     Visit her gallery HERE

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