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Nataly Parson

Deep Blue_Nataly Parson.jpg

“What is my superpower as an artist? Well…I can turn an old shower door into several thousand dollars art and create an optical illusion mosaic that would collect hundreds of “Wow!” reactions. Not bad, right?”


Nataly is a contemporary mosaic artist working in two main styles:

  • Colorful mosaics made from tempered glass (shower doors, storm doors or glass shelves);

  • Black & white optical illusion mosaics often made from stained glass.


In June 2022 Nataly won “Best in show” award in nationwide competition among contemporary mosaics from all over United States.  Her art pieces were purchased by art collectors in The United States and from abroad.


She has her unique online course “Fun Art with Tempered glass”  where she put her knowledge about tempered glass mosaic (link to the course: and is also planning to start teaching again in person at the end of 2023.

For more details, please contact Nataly directly (


Nataly’s work can be found on her website: and she also shares her art process on her Instagram page: and Facebook @Nataly Parson.

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