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Lauri Muhonen

Lauri Muhonen Portrait.jpeg

Over 25 years ago I took a stained glass class in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  After creating a few pieces, I hung up my scorer to raise a family.  Two decades later, with the children grown and leaving the house I dug out the supplies that I’d been toting around for all those years.  


Traditional stained glass wasn’t calling to me anymore, but I love glass and knew I needed to create something with what I had.  Red scrap glass plus glue and a bowling ball launched my new passion and I began my trek into the mosaic art world.  I was hooked!  


The challenge for me today is to wrangle the unbendable tesserae into the image I have in my mind.  Whether it is wrapping it around a sculpture or creating a realistic looking Colorado mountain range, I relish the testing of my skills.  Finding the perfect piece of glass to fit is always a joy, even if it means cutting, grinding and fitting several times to get it right.  


My mosaic art is often inspired by nature.  Exploring light, texture, color and shading while rendering a subject is never boring!  If I can add a bit of whimsy and humor or something hidden to be found, then the creative process is even more rewarding.  

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