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Holly Sutherland


Holly Sutherland is a self-taught Colorado artist who began

creating mosaics as a child with noodles and beans.


Her love for mosaics continued, and as an adult, she opened her own

company "Mosaic Masters LLC" and sold mosaics to wholesalers

and retailers coast to coast from 1998 to 2011. The focus was

mainly on architectural mosaics. Her work has been shown in

such magazines as Colorado Home and Lifestyles, Lux, and

Boulder County Home and Lifestyles.

Since its closing, her focus transitioned into art mosaics. She is

particularly fond of Pietra Dura style art. An Italian style of hard

stone used in commesso mosaic work, in the late 16th and 17th

centuries and involved the fashioning of pictures out of cut-to-

shape pieces of colored stone.


Mosaics have enabled her to create a one-of a-kind works of art to compliment client’s visions and personal aesthetics.

To contact Holly, click HERE

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