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Annette Coleman


Annette's inspiration is based on earths’ elements: fire, water, wind and erosion abstracted. The esthetic of landforms in Colorado, rock formations, clouds and how the weather and time has altered our environment are key elements.  Even her metal stands have rust patina from rain and snow. This juxtaposition of shinny vibrant glass or tile on a matt metal stand is an interesting contrast and one she keeps exploring. 

Annette loves creating mosaic sculpture using stained glass that is cut to shape and placed in colored grout. The undulating forms are interesting from any angle. As a recycle-artiste many of her forms are satellite dishes; cut, mangled and repurposed for her sub straights. Thinset cement is used like a cake decorator to form the smooth shapes you see in her sculptures.

Even when the landscape becomes grey and subdued Annette's sculptures and murals are a bright note of sparking color. Mosaics last for decades with minimal upkeep think Pompeii with the colors of today; just a wash of a water-based sealant is all that is needed for longevity.

Because, mosaics are loved by the public Annette has designed programs where kids and adults of all ages can work along side her. They create hand formed tile to use in the mosaic projects. And have lots of fun in the process. "Let’s create a project for your community where all are welcome", says the artist.  

For more information about Annette's work please visit her website

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